Exhaustion doesn’t just affect your baby or child – let’s not forget that your own lack of sleep can take a toll on the whole family.

It’s equally as important for siblings and parents to get the rest they need!

Being well rested allows you to be the parent you’ve dreamt of being and for your family to thrive.

Here is what I can teach you, to get you to that light at the end of the tunnel:

  • Why your baby or child is waking at night or after 20/30 minute naps, and what to do about it
  • When babies are able to sleep through the night and how many night feedings are appropriate for your baby
  • What an appropriate bedtime for your baby is, and how to create a stress free bedtime routine
  • How naps factor into night sleep and how to have a healthy nap schedule
  • Why sleep is important for your baby
  • How to get your baby to sleep and why sleep routines are important for your baby

My passion (and my profession) is helping parents like you develop customized plans for resolving pediatric sleep concerns, so if you have any questions about what you’ve just read, please feel free to get in touch.



Live Well!