A Few Notes from Happy Families

January 2017

As new parents, we can’t thank Regan enough! Before, our little one could only sleep in his carseat or while being held. Each time we tried to put him in his crib, he would awaken. After 4 months, sleep deprivation was seriously taking a toll on us.
It was very difficult for my husband and I to function during the day, and our baby was constantly tired and cranky. We tried techniques on our own, but nothing worked for us until we started working with Regan. By the very next day our baby had a long nap in his crib. We were thrilled! After that, our little one started to settle at night and was able to sleep in the crib. We continue to see improvements every day, and my husband and I are getting much more rest.

Our success can be attributed to Regan’s excellent communication. She didn’t give us a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach; instead, she provides suggestions based on our child and is very in tune to what is happening. Even though all of our communication was over the phone and email, it still felt very personal. She almost feels like part of the family! I have learned so much about baby sleep and the importance of good sleep habits. I highly recommend Regan’s services to any parent.

Chelsea B., Brooks, AB


November, 2016

We couldn’t be more happy with our experience and the sleep coaching we have received from Regan. We were to the point where my husband was basically sleeping with our toddler in his little bed all night while I tended to our newborn. It was starting to take a major toll on our family. Prior to our sleep coaching I was nervous to implement any big changes to our 2 year old as he was already adjusting to having a new sibling. Regan developed a simple yet thorough plan that worked perfectly for our needs and it has helped our family get back on track. Our toddler is now sleeping entirely through the night and napping consistently every day. Life is good.

Mallory T., Alberta

There is nothing in this world that can turn my husband and I into crazy people faster than lack of sleep!! As first time parents we were doing our best at helping our little guy grow, learn, and thrive. We read books and spoke to other parents for ideas, but the one topic that was the most challenging for us was sleep. How much sleep did our son need? How did we get him to sleep more? Looking back I know we knew very little, and what we did know was incorrect. We loved holding our new baby! There was something so special about him falling asleep in our arms…what we didn’t know was that we were making it harder on him (and us!) by doing little things that were holding him back from LEARNING to sleep on his own. When he was 6 months old and still waking up 8-10 times a night we were at the end of our rope! That’s when Regan saved us! The information she provided was clear and simple. Suddenly it made sense why he was waking up, and now we had a plan. 

Regan was very easy to contact via email or phone with any questions we had. She was/is easy to talk to, patient, and understanding with follow-up support. She would listen to our current concerns and then give us a couple of suggestions that were easy to put into action and easier still to keep up with. Something that my husband and I both appreciated was that there was always more than one option to look at. Along the way we have had bumps in the road with his sleeping, but a quick call to Regan and we are quickly back on track.

Our son is almost three and he is a great sleeper! He sleeps through the night and still has a 2 hour nap every day. He sleeps well in his bed at home, at his grandparents’ house or in our trailer when we go camping. I can’t put into words how important and helpful Regan has been to our little family. When our son was born we had no idea how important or complicated sleep could be. If you are expecting a baby or have a young child, I highly suggest hiring Regan to help! Should we have another baby, Regan will be a part of its sleep training as well!

Thanks so much Regan, we would never have made it without you!! Xox J

J. Wilson, Airdrie AB


Regan helped my family and I, when I didn’t know where to turn. As a new mother, I had heard lots of different advice and opinions. I was so tired from being up 4-5 times a night with my infant son, that I felt like a walking zombie. Regan helped guide me through the a plan and was always there to answer my (many) questions. It wasn’t easy, but with her support, we are all sleeping much better! I am so grateful to have found Regan and implement the Eat*Play*Sleep philosophy with my son. He sleeps from 7:00pm – 7:00am every night and has two naps that last about 1.5 hours both in the morning and in the afternoon. If you would have told me before, that I would put my son down in his crib, AWAKE, and he would fall fast asleep on his own, I would have thought you were crazy. He cuddles up, talks a little and then peacefully falls asleep on his own. No more, bouncing, shushing, swaddling, etc. I do not miss attempting the dreaded ‘transfer’ either! Thanks to all of Regan’s help, those days are a thing of the past.

I trust and respect what Regan has to say. You can tell instantly, that she is very passionate about what she does. She is genuine, kind and caring. Her support is what helped me get through many of those challenging days.

I truly can’t express enough gratitude towards Regan. We are a happy, restful household thanks to the support we received. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Joanna & Jax, Toronto ON


You have helped my family so much. My little boy was waking every two hours and now he is sleeping 12 hours at night. Occasionally he will wake once at night but he is going back to sleep with a little pat on the back. I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am to have found your Facebook through your giveaway. I have sent your page to many friends and sung your praises.

Amanda, Long Beach CA


Regan is so great to deal with! She is so easy to talk to and really made me feel comfortable during the whole sleep training process! I love that she is so real and honest with you!  She told me it wasn’t going to be easy so I wasn’t shocked when the first night was very emotional, but she was so supportive and encouraging! She goes above and beyond to make sure you know how to handle every situation and gives gentle reminders on how to deal with both the big things and the little things!  It was such a great experience and we are so happy that our little man is falling asleep unassisted and sleeping through the night! This momma sure needed it! Thank you so much!!

Christine B., Red Deer AB


Hi Regan,

Just wanted to thank you for all of your help.  L. is sleeping really well — anywhere from 10.5 to at times almost 12 hours at night!  Naps vary from okay to great but are waaaaayyyyyy better than they were.  It’s so nice to not have to stress all day about it and then go to bed dreading the wakings and early wake-up.  I’m sure we’ll have setbacks but we are so pleased with how he’s doing.  I really appreciate all of your help and advice in getting us here!

Nina, Florida USA