Pediatric Sleep Consulting

Adequate, quality, and restful sleep is AS CRUCIAL to infant and early childhood development as nutrition. Lack of proper sleep can prevent your little one from having the best start in life and hinder all areas of development (cognitive, social/emotional, physical, etc.). You, your child, and your entire family deserve to sleep and live well. That’s where we come in.

Is your child…

• Consistently overtired, clingy and/or cranky? • Unable to fall asleep unaided (relies on a swing/rocking, nursing/bottle feeding, etc. to fall asleep)? • Awake and unsettled, multiple times through the night? • Waking up after only 30 or 40 minute naps? Click below, to find out how to turn this around, for good!

Are you...

• Exhausted and frustrated? • Feeling overwhelmed or depressed? • Wondering where to start, and what will work best with YOUR child specifically? • Out of ideas but seeking (and ready for!) change? Click below to find out how the KEY factors in making that change a reality.

What's next?

I can work with your family personally, to create a customized, step-by-step plan that WILL work to gently help your little one learn the skills they need to sleep independently, sleep soundly, and flourish. To learn about my services and support please visit the consultations page or click below.

Why Eat Play Sleep?

I will guide and support you every day, and provide you with the tools YOU need to support your child as he or she learns these crucial life skills. To learn more about me, and learn exactly how I can help your family, please visit the "about" page or click below.

I would love the opportunity to speak with you about your infant or child's development. If you have concerns with any of the three core areas of development; nutritional, behavioral, or sleep habits - then please do reach out for some help.

I am able to assess each baby or child's needs as well as your parenting style/s and and develop an all inclusive program that will meet those needs. Call my office today at 403-986-8444 or click on the consult button and tell me a little about your child.

Stay in touch: The blog includes a lot of great information and discussion about eating, playing and sleeping for children of all ages too, so be be sure to follow along with us.

Live Well!