Eat: Creating Complete Meals for Stage Two Babies

Eat: Creating Complete Meals for Stage Two Babies

What’s next after the introduction of Stage Two foods?

It’s pretty easy to track down different recommendations for ‘first foods’ and even those foods that come next, but I do get a lot of questions about how to create complete meals once all those fantastic flavors have been introduced.

Here are some suggestions for babies from around 8 months (that age is not set in stone). Many Nutritionists and Doctors disagree on introduction ages – some say sooner for certain foods, and some say later…so please do confirm the go ahead, with yours first.

Mixing it up:

  • Steamed and pureed apple and spinach, with chicken and quinoa (Use finely ground chicken or a few spins in the food processor for the whole meal).
  • Teeny vegetable based pasta, with fruit yogurt and pureed peas.
  • Barley and lentils, cooked in beef broth and smashed with carrots & green beans.
  • Steel cut oatmeal, cooked with tiny peach and apple dice.
  • Rice, with avocado, cottage cheese, and roasted squash.

Get creative and…Live Well.